How become a good web writer in 5 simple and do-able tips

Hey wonderers! Recently, one of our readers sent in a question wondering what it takes to be a good web writer. So we’re dishing out 5 simple and do-able tips for you to make use of.

#1 Know your target Audience :

Always and we mean ALWAYS know your target audience! Who are you writing for? What is their common interest? You wouldn’t want to set out writing about local music bands but end up talking about fashion! It might mislead your readers and not to mention, it is completely irrelevant.

#2 Ensure the reader knows the page’s purpose within 4 seconds.

You can do this with a meaningful title and subheadings. No need to say “Welcome to our site” — that’s what web experts call “blah blah” text. As for subheadings should be the “main idea” sentence for the readers to latch onto.

And avoid cute or clever or enticement headings! Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) headings.


#3 Check your content

Ensure that your content is credible and consistent! Check your facts and credit all your photographs and sources in the proper way. Check who the original creator of the works is and make sure you ask for permission FIRST before using it.

Keep your writing concise. For example, adapt how you write your tweets to how you write your blog post.  Your readers have a really short attention span.

Also ensure that you have hyperlinks. This is so that you can direct your readers to other official web sites to provide them with more information for deeper understanding of your article. Furthermore your links have to be working.

#4 Interactivity with your readers.

Welcome feedback from your readers in order to work on your shortcomings. Be mindful to reply to their questions too. It makes them feel involved.

Use social networking sites to share your content. Facebook and Twitter is just the tip of the many sites you can use. Youtube, Flicker , Instagram and LinkedIn are the many other sites you can use. This would allow them to share, like and comment on your content allowing them to interact with you.

#5 Standardize your layout.

You don’t want to look messy so standardize everything.

–          Fonts:

Use different font size to either attract your readers attention or to emphasize parts of your content.  For example, your headline has to be bigger than your body. However, do not use it to often as it might distract your readers. Keep it to a minimal.

–          Photographs:

Standardize the size of your photos. Ensure that they all have the same boarder and they should all have captions. Remember, if you do it for one, you have to do it for all.

–          Navigations:

It has to be user friendly. Your content has to be categorized in order to avoid confusing your readers. This would also make your blog look a lot neater.

–          Colours

Avoid too many colours. Too much of it would distract your readers. Plus it would not make reading your content easy on the eyes.  Stick to your basic colours however you can choose risky colours as long as it doesn’t clash with your background or photographs.

Needless to say, there are more tips out there however we feel that these 5 tips will help you get started efficiently. You’ll learn the rest along the way.

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Wonderwanderers in Republic Polytechnic blogger challenge

Singapore January 20, 2012– Wonderwanderers blog will be participating in the first ever Republic Polytechnic blogger challenge. We will be up against other blogs in Republic Polytechnic who are taking the M312 web writing module. The challenge will take place over the next 3 weeks. The blogs will be judged based original content, creativity visual, appeal, engagement with your audience & more. Participating in this competition will help us gain more experience, spread awareness about our blog and bring more credibility.

The panel of judges include those popular food and society bloggers. In Week 15, each team shall receive an individual Report Card with inputs from the professionals. We will be getting feedback and tips on how to run a blog and to make it successful.

Our spokesperson and head editor of the blog, Charlene Bernadette, says “I believe that our blog provides content that are intriguing and relevant for youths. Youths are always looking for places to go at a cheap rate, so we give it to them. This competition will be a good test to gauge our abilities and see how far we can go in this field.”

Our blog have a section that gives food reviews. Our writers go out and look for food places that serve the best food and at a worthy price. Besides that, our blog emphasizes on the places to go and guidelines for thrift budget.

We also provide suggestions on what how to spend the day and how to get there. As long as it is cheap, there’s a chance we might feature it. Just last week featured a girl with a hobby of making friendship bracelets.

Here’s a video of it:

Some stuff and places that we have featured








Sorbet snowman at LICK






Kaya Toast ice cream at LICK







Book Store At Bras Basah








Cheap Flats at Chinatown

For enquiries, kindly contact:



About WonderWanderers
Singapore is just a small dot on the map but there are good places, indoors or outdoors here waiting for you and your friends to explore. Join us, WonderWanderers bring you to places such as cafes, parks or attractions that will fit into different occasions. We will also introduce and update affordable places for you every week. It’s time to get out there and hang out with your friends!
We are a group of five aspiring journalist youngsters from Republic Polytechnic. We enjoy wide variety of activities from shopping to eating to sports. Just like you, we are tired of the same old places with no new attractions to patron so instead of just mopping around, we’re doing something about it! We’ll wander the streets so that YOU, our dear readers can stop wondering!

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New is always better (I’m sure)

Sup Wonderers~ Time for me to share a new experience I had recently.


My friends wanted to have Bak Kut Teh last week and so happen that they heard about a stall in Marsiling called ‘Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh’. So, we headed there and I decided to tag along to give it a shot.


Being the awesome gluttons that we are, we did not take too long to order their signature Bak Kut Teh and when the food was served, something took me by surprise.


Hong Ji's signature Bak Kut Teh

The Bak Kut Teh wasn’t the conventional pepper based soup but it’s was an herbal soup base Bak Kut Teh.


This really caught my attention as I never ever tried something like this and it was known then through my friend who was a Malaysian, that this particular style originates from his homeland.


After trying it, all I can say that the taste really impressed me as such herbal Bak Kut Tehs are really rare in Singapore. Not only that, the side dishes were decent too~




Braised Peanuts (top), Salted Vegetables (middle) and Tofu Skin (above) are the standard must haves in a BKT meal~

I strongly recommend this place to you Wonderers. Although it’s not an easy place to go but I assure you that it’s worth the effort. On a similar note, you can get a great meal out of this with your friends for the fact that a claypot Bak Kut Teh and 3 side dishes only costyou less than $25.

If you decide not to make the trip, fret not~ Call their Delivery Hotline and have them delivered right to your doorstep. you can find out more in their blog~


Hong Ji Bak Kut Teh/宏记砂锅肉骨茶

Address: Block 19 Marsiling Lane #01-329

Tel: 81477519

Opening Hours : Daily from 8am – 8pm

With that, this concludes my post and hope you Wonderers will try this out too~ Let me know by leaving a comment about how you feel about herbal Bak Kut Tehs. Till next time, Rock On Wonderers~~

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Thrifty Bracelets

Hey there Wonderers! We have a new post! We met someone amazing today and she’s incredibly talented. She has a passion for making friendship bracelets and bead bracelets. A hobby that’s not common among us nowadays. Her gorgeous bracelets are so impeccably made that we decided to feature her on our blog.

This feature is specially for you wonderers celebrating Chinese New Year. This bracelets will jazz up your outfits and cost you very little.

Adila Ismail is a Republic Polytechnic student studying communications. Besides her passion for writing, she has a knack for making such bracelets.

These bracelets take just a few hours in a day to do. However since she has a short attention span, it took her about 3 days to make one! However the results are worth the wait.

According to her, it is not difficult to make these bracelets. It only requires 2 to 3 knots. There are different weaves that can be made:

The friendship bracelets are’nt expensive to make and there are many different design. The packet of string she buys from Daiso only costs $2 and contains 10-15 pieces of colourful strings! And the buttons you see on them are just lose buttons that she finds in her mum’s knitting box.

So how did this passion come about? Well, since young, her grandmother likes to teach her to make her own bracelets. That was when her interest started to bloom. Also because she’s a thrifty person, buying accessories is not on her shopping list.

Despite her amazing talent, Adila might not be pursuing her talent or make a living out of it. Her reason being that it is too time consuming and she wants to concentrate on her writing. So far, she has done more than 10 bracelets in her free time.

So, all you wonderers interested in making the friendship bracelets should try it out and also stay tuned for a tutorial in Adila’s DIY blog.

As always, we always provide for you guys places to get cheap stuff, so here are some alternatives!

Art Friend.

Art Friend is the best place to Art Friend’s the place to go should you decide to get crafty or need any art supplies. It is an informative place for students with artistic aspirations.

Cross Stich String: $1/ Per colour / Approx
Decorative Beads: > $3 /Approx.

Spotlight Singapore

Singapore’s largest fabric, craft & home interior superstore. From art supplies to Bed sheet materials they have it all. Best part of it is that they sell things in bulks. Though it may be a little bit pricey, it compensates with its quality.

Cross Stitch Strings : $1.20 Per colour / Approx.
Decorative Beads : > $2 Per Pack / Approx

Plaza Singapura Level 5, 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839

Nearest MRT Station : Douby Ghaut – CC1, NE6 , NS24


Hailing from Japan, Daiso is known for its famous line ‘’ Everything at $2’’ So yes, You can definitely get all the materials you require at a deal! Located at various heartland malls.

Cross Stitch Strings : $2 Per Pack
Decorative Beads : $2 Per Pack

Outlets :

Vivo City: 1 Harbourfront Walk #03-03 VivoCity
Plaza Singapura : Level 4, 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839
IMM: Jurong East #03-50 2 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609601
Sembawang Shopping Centre: 604 Sembawang Road #01-18 Sembawang Shopping Centre S758459

Nearest MRT Station : Harbourfront , Douby Ghaut , Jurong East and Sembawang

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Children Little Museum

Children Little Museum
Still wondering where to go on a low budget? Let me introduce you this place, Children Little Museum located at 42 Bussorah Street. It is just few lanes away from Haji lane, one of the shop houses near Sultan Mosque. The museum is located at second floor with affordable entrance fee of $2, you can also buy toys or display items at prices as low as 50cents each at the first level! This shop house is filled with unique and long forgotten items of what we played and bring us back to our school days. All displayed items are from 1950s to 1970s, you can find different sections of theme displayed neatly at a corner such as old barber shop, book store, retro cafe and more!

Bring your camera along as the shop allows photo taking. The shop keeper, Mr Ang, who is very friendly and guided us throughout the trip there. It is like travelling back to the olden days for you, friends and your family! Yes, for all ages!


Children Little Museum

42 Street Singapore 199460

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9.00pm daily

Admission: $2 for the museum at level 2

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Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Hi Wonderers~  It’s been a while. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

With all the Christmas turkey and glorious food that you had, I would’ve guessed that you people still have room for desserts~ So, I present to you Wonderers with places you can have awesome desserts.

And here’s Ethan’s top 3 places for great desserts!~!

1) PS Cafe (Located @ Orchard Paragon)

For chocolate and cake lovers, PS cafe is your place to be. Located in mostly town areas, they have an awesome range of desserts that will make you go back for more. Although the price is a bit steep, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth for sure.


PS Cafe's trademark Double Chocolate Blackout. It's super sinful but hey~ we only live once. ^^


Banana Cream Pie


Banana Apple Crumble

Must tries: Double Chocolate Blackout, Banana Apple Crumble, Banana Cream Pie and Ultimate Fudgy Brownie

Price range: $9 to $15

2) Old Airport Road’s Double Tao Huay

There are 2 stalls in 51 Old Airport Road Food Center that sells probably the best ‘Tao Huay’ (Soya Beancurd) in Singapore.


Lao Ban's tao huay has rich flavour that lingers in your mouth


On the other hand, 51's tao huay is so smooth that it's unreal. You practically can eat this without using a spoon.

Both Lao Ban and 51 produces Tao Huay so outstanding and out of this world that even myself, find it hard to decide which is better. For all Tao Huay lovers, just head there to determine yourself. Just buy both and try it out yourself. After all, they’re only $1.50 a bowl~ XD

3) L.I.C.K (Little Ice Cream Kafe @ 258 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore City, Singapore 437046)


LICK's wide range of ice creams. So good that you'll have a hard time choosing.

Finally the last entree, LICK is my personal favourite ice cream heaven. With their wide range of choices such as their trademark Kaya Toast ice cream, you’ll be spoiled for choices.


Kaya Toast (right) and Chunky Oreos (left) with waffles and mix in with almond flakes.


Tiramisu with Kaya Toast ice cream

There are various options for you to mix your ice cream combinations as well. From waffles, crepes and tiramisu, the wide variety allows you to mix and match your favourites. And if you’re lucky, you may come across seasonal flavours such as Moon Cake ice cream and their Christmas special, Lime Sorbet Snowman.


Meet Frosty~ the Lime Sorbet Snowman~ ^^

Price range: $3 – $10

So there it is, my 3 top places for desserts. Feel free to comment about what you think and do share your favourite dessert places with us. Be sure to check out our upcoming posts as well.

Until then, from WonderWanderers, hoping you Wonderers have a wonderful year ahead and rock on.

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Cheap deals at Chinatown!

Hey there Wonderers! Shopping can be pretty pricey, in places like Orchard or Vivocity. But fear not, here’s what we’ve found in a street at Chinatown!

One pair of flats for $10!

This shop is located in a street at Chinatown , along the street with the tentage. Guess how much each flats cost? It’s only for $10 !! The flats are of canvas material with many different patterns to choose from.Where else can you find shoes at this price?! We were pretty surprised to find those shoes with such a price. The flats come in different sizes and they’re very comfortable. Great for school days/casual dressing.

Another great buy would be at the shop called Isle, located near the entrance of Chinatown MRT. Here’s how the shop looks like :

This shop sells mainly dresses, tops, skirts, bags, and accessories. For those of you who like Bohemian/tribal/printed stuffs, this shops’s perfect!

50% off maxi dresses!


30% off for bags!

Patchwork bags

 Here are our wanderers doing their own shopping!

our wanderer, Charlene, admiring the patchwork

one of our wanderers, Hasinah, checking out a bag

Jasmine, our wanderer, contemplating which bag to buy

Bangles - 1 for $6, 2 for $10

The price for the accessories in Isle definitely pales in comparison to other shops in shopping malls. So why spend alot on a single accessory when you can buy two for the price of one?


Once you’ve reached Chinatown MRT, turn left and find exit A. The Isle shop’s just beside this entrance.

Alright Wonderers, go ahead and start shopping! I believe there’s much more hidden deals waiting to be discovered!

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